Ready translation 永恒剑主 / Immortal Sword Master: Chapter 2 – The secret mastery

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Chapter 2 – the secret mastery.

-According to the rules of Jianghu! –An Ying said loudly, and then uncertainly looked at Lin Xing. Lin Xing, without having any experience, nodded to her, showing that she was to decide. Remains of memories in his head told that the most of those who came to fight and lost should leave compensation. However, he was in such a situation for the first time. He felt uncertainty and intense disturbance, so he had no choice but to give An Ying the authority to decide.

As a result, Ho Heng Dao had to leave all the weapons, as well as more than a dozen tael of silver. That was a large sum; Lin Xing made a recalculation of prices from his memories: there was about ten thousand yuan. The weapons were very expensive, too. Despite that there were only three swords, each of them cost about seven or eight thousand yuan. Considering the fact that those weapons were under the supervision of the government, they were priceless. The total income was thirty thousand yuan.

Only when Heng Dao was gone and An Ying collected the weapons Lin Xing felt relieved. At the same time, Lu Yu ran out of the house and started collecting abandoned weapon and silver. Lu Yun grabbed a bucket of water and began to wash the bloodstains.

Lin Xing looked at innocent An Ying: she was illiterate, cultureless, a little bit smarter than Lu Yun and his sister, judging to undisguised sympathy on her face, it was clear that she loved him with all her heart, the one who was before in that body – Lin Xing Zhu. Lin Xing Zhu came out of the wealthy family, he learned to read and write since childhood, was handsome, and managed the school of martial arts, where there was no lack in necessary things. In those times, literacy was a luxury; he was a real represent of high society. In addition, he was good-looking, well off, as people say in the present time “an eligible bachelor”. “Eh..”- -sighed Lin Xing, he remembered the words of the old man before his death, the school was his home for now, he was not afraid of the sword in the hands of An Ying anymore.

-Check yourself, are you wounded? –asked he. An Ying blushed immediately.

-A little…

-Where? Let me have a look! –Lin Xing studied medicine, so he came to start the inspection with full determination.

-It is…. –An Ying blushed even more.

-Where is it? –Lin Xing did not know what else to say, but with the corner of the eye, he noticed the looks of Lu Yu and Lu Yun, he suddenly remembered that the world he came from was not the same. The boundary between man and woman was much wider there. Obviously, his actions were not suitable for that time. Even for not the most conservative youth from Jianghu such and impudence was too reckless.

-My leg…-An Ying bowed her head and quietly added –bothering brother-mentor…

-Where exactly? –his cheeks slightly reddened, but once he offered help, he had to continue.

An Ying silently turned around, there was a noticeable cut on her hip side, but it was strange that it was very thin and almost didn’t bleed.

-Ouch! –Lin Xing sighed again. He felt that he started to get used to that world.

-Lu Yu, bring the medication and attach it to the wound. – That was the only way he could help.

The medicine…the medicine is over, you need to go down to the town to buy it.. –Said Lu Yu.

Only now Lin Xing remembered that the medicine was not developed yet, the effect of drugs was very short. Drugs used for healing were very expensive, there was no wholesale conveyor production, so costs were high.

He used to bring when he left home, but now… He was not the same Lin Xing as before. How could he go and meet his relatives now?

-We will set that aside…-Lin Xing already noticed a couple of plans that could help to heal the wound, something like a dandelion that could remove the inflammation.

He worked a little and gathered the plants that only he could know about on the mountain. He grinded it and put to An Ying. Lu Yun and Lu Yu, as usual, made a fire and cooked, An Ying returned to her room and trained, Lin Xing had nothing to do. He found a place to sit and lost in thoughts, looking at the darkening sky.

Miraculously, he did not know how he got there. Sitting at the entrance of the school, looking at the gray sky stretching down, he just wanted to sit quietly and relax.

Smash! He hit his neck with a palm, a bloody mosquito as large as a coin dropped from his hand. The mosquito flattened because of the impact, all the blood squeezed out. A wet bloodstain remained on his neck.

-That is a giant mosquito – Lin Xing was surprised, felt that the bite swollen. Suddenly he noticed a black shadow that quickly ran toward the school at lower stairs. The black shade jumped over a few stone steps easily. It appeared recently and already was at the entrance to the school. The guest was a strong bearded middle-aged man in black with a dagger on his waist, on his chest was embroidered “Lin”. He looked too bold and confident.

-Master, why are you sitting here? – The man dumbfounded a little when he saw Lin Xing.

-Uncle Lin Hao? –Lin Xing immediately found the right person in his memory.

Lin Hao was one of three strongest hospital guards among the teachers of martial arts from Lin family. His dagger mastery was well known everywhere. He was one of the greatest masters of Lin.

Lin family was famous in those lands, it included many young people, as expected, they were able to protect ancestral farming. They were much stronger than “Red Pine”, there was about a hundred people among the hospital guards, every of them was a brave soldier, ten of them would be enough to surround An Ying and leave her no place to run in spite of her skills. Ten of the weakest guards, of course. A wealthy merchant, the father of Lin Xing Zhu, Lin Zhi Wen was famous in the local city.

Obviously, Lin Hao came not without a reason. There was nothing good for Lin Xing, because he went to the mountain to hide from the home routine.

-Uncle Hao, why did you come? – asked Lin Xing indifferently, he stood up and shook off the soiled cloth. He already mastered the tone of Lin Xing Zhu.

-Your father asked me to tell you that the quarrel lasted for very long, it is time to return home –Sai Lin Hao. He looked at the disheveled school sign.

-Why are you hiding in this abandoned school? Eventually, you will have to return and inherit your father’s business.

-Return or not – it is for me to decide, the old man has nothing in it – muttered Lin Xing.

Father Lin Zhi Wen, being a wealthy merchant, looked at ruined “Red Pine” school with disgust. He remembered the each time he returned home and was among his brothers and sisters, only he; the elder brother did not get involved in anything. The others began to keep accounts, manage the economy, make income but he held out his hand, asking for money, not saving their costs. Remembering that, he added:

-Am I here not for learning martial arts?

-You can learn the martial arts at home, which is full of teachers. You teacher, though, is not weak, but your uncle is as good as he is, there is no need to suffer here. –Said Lin Hao. He noticed indifference of Lin Xing Zhu, so he said that reluctantly, although it was told many times before but it did not make any sense.

-Okay, okay. This time I am here to tell you that Shu family arrived, your father will be busy taking our dear guests. Recently, there is no quiet, not enough hands so try to get down less often from here.

-Got it.

-Well, ther is your money for a month. –Lin Hao took a package from his pocket and handed it to Lin Xing. Lin Xing took that, there were silver and copper coins inside.

-Be calm, there is nobody on the mountain, there is a little oil and water, if the thieves come here, this place will not be interesting for them. – He added.

Lin Hao shook his head, his face darkened.

-Master, be careful. We have enemies recently, this time your father asked Shu masters for assistance on that reason, -he said in a low voice.

Lin Xing was anxious. When Lin Hao finished, he turned around and left with light and skillful movements that you start to envy automatically. It turned out that it was not that safe there. What if An Ying wasn’t nearby…

His family looked at the “Red Pine” school with contempt, and more, they ignored the fact that he was learning martial arts there. Looking at rapidly retreating Lin Hao, he sat for a bit, and then went back to school. There was nobody in the yard, the sounds came from the kitchen, apparently Lu Yun and his sister cooked something. The light from the lamp swung in the room of An Ying, she seemed to train hard. Despite the fact that the technique of “Red Pine” was mediocre, not everyone could deal with that, it required a certain physical fitness.

Shaking his head, Lin Xing headed to his room, remembered Ho Heng Dao and the news, the sense of danger was growing in him.

“It is necessary to learn how to defend ourselves –an idea came from his head –there are some sword skill already in this body, I should recover it, it is useful”. Thinking about something, he remembered that the master gave him a book before his death. “Aren’t there some kind of secret technique?” –in fact, he had envied the skills of sister for long, but there was nobody else to train with, because Lu Yun and his sister did not fit physically. In those days, because of his curiosity to the Qigong, he tried this technique, but failed. When he remembered about the book that day, a hope appeared in him. “I need to return and look if a secret mastery keeps there indeed”. He came back to the room; looked around to make sure that nobody was in; he carefully listened to the sounds of the outside to make sure that no one came.

Only then he crawled under the bed, there was a secret door next to it, so he opened it carefully, there was a yellow book and some silver. Lin Xing pulled the book and got out from under the bed. Zap! Suddenly a hand strongly slapped on his shoulder. “Who is it?” –Lin Xing scared and sharply turned and saw a silhouette of a tall man behind him. He looked and Lin Xing and laughed. “Waited for so long and, finally, decided to get the secret mastery?” – said the silhouette in chilling tone.

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