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Chapter One: Marry me! Moving between worlds

Lan Lin is a third year student of one of the best universities in the country, at the Art Department. He is nineteen years old.

He decided that he wanted to marry his sister!

The decision was made in his youth, he secretly loved his sister, considering her the most beautiful girl in the world. Her beauty, her eyes, how she knits her eyebrows in anger as curves her waist, her every movement intoxicated Lan Lin.

Usually, he did not dare to say, but once in a dream he was whispering about her.

Of course, not about what a good sister she is.

Lan Lin was an orphan, he never knew who his parents were. But his destiny is not too bitter, he was adopted at the age of four years.

It happened the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, so he decided that it would be the date of his birth.

He keeps memory of that day, though vague. He remembered only as his adoptive mother bore him, and behind her there was his extraordinarily beautiful sister, with huge eyes .

Right after his adoption he was surrounded by care. In spite of there was a seven-years old daughter in his new family he was very well regarded. Especially his half-sister, she shared everything with him.

But the happy years was gone. When Lan Lin was seven, his adoptive parents got into a car accident.

He was again an orphan, just like his sister. She was fourteen at that moment.

Lan Lin had to go back to the orphanage, and his sister, according to law, had to live in the house of her aunt, her father's sister. But his sister could not let him go away, so they both went to live with their aunt.

They did not live very good in the new house. Stranger for his aunt and uncle, they did not take Lin Lin as a relative, and a niece were treated not very good. In addition, they had a ten year old son, who constantly offended Lan Lin. Sister defended Lan Lin, so she often quarreled with the boy, and sometimes they even fought.

Sister endured it for two years, and when she got sixteen, she took Lan Lin and returned to her father's house.

From that day she dropped out of study for working, as she had to raise not only herself, but also her nine years old brother.

So brother and sister lived, helping each other for ten years. Sister with her work could not only keep them, but also to pay admission to the University of Lan Lin at the Art Department.

Now Lan Lin is nineteen, he iss already in his third year and the next year will the graduation.

His sister was twenty-six, the most beautiful age for women. She is really very beautiful. Both her face and her great figure. Since eighteen years she was surrounded by lovers.

But a few months ago, the beauty of her face was broken. A certain rich man's son unsuccessfully sought her out. In anger of his failure, he had sent to her his man, who doused her face with acid. And though his sister very quickly dodged, still she got poison on hercheek and it severely damaged it.

Once such a beautiful person, she no longer attracted the eyes of men, it was terrible to look at her face.

The offender was caught and sentenced to several years of prison. But the real Willian was behind the scenes and still remained at large.

Revenge - a dish best served cold. But Lan Lin was not going to wait a long time, he could not, he was going to endure. He wanted to take revenge. He prepared three plans, each with the same outcome.

Kill him and then avoid punishment!

He has completed all the preparations, and it remained only to watch for that son of a rich man. Kill him and then marry his sister.

His sister left hospital ahead of time. She was depressed, her charming smile faded. She became afraid of people and herself. Her head began to creep into the thoughts of suicide.

Lan Lin decided that, despite the opinions of others, he still would confess to his sister, and marry her.

Not out of pity, but only by love. No matter how changed the appearance of sister, for him, she will always be the most beautiful woman.


The day before the birthday of his sisters, it was expected an extremely rare meteor rain. Lan Lin decided to shoot beautiful video with his love confession.

He took the camera, climbed the highest mountain, because there is was a good perspective, so there could be seen how meteorites fall to the ground.

On the hill a thousand meters high, the air was very clear, black sky gleamed bright stars.

Meteor rain - a very rare and very beautiful sight. Soon, the first meteor draw a line in the sky.

Lan Lin waited. He had heard that in twelve hours the meteor rain may reach the climax, when the sky falls a lot of meteorites at once.

While he waited, he thought about what to tell his sister. He wanted to describe everything very colorfully and before that he had already made three versions of what to say, however, had not yet decided of means. In addition, he built a fantasy, like a sister would react to his confession.

She must have loved me, too, since for so many years did not accept any offers? Perhaps she too is afraid of the opinions of others?

Besides, she had heard, what I said in my dream. Those few days on her face there was a shy blush.

Twelve hours!

Indeed, meteor rain reached the climax, it was like a picture from a dream in front of him. More than ten meteors falling from the sky to the ground, leaving a long tail.

Lan Lin stood on the opposite of camera, back to meteorites, and the love confession started.

All three versions of his confessions were written extremely romantic, extremely deep.

But now he was worried to death, in the end, all forgotten and could not be remembered.

Despite the fact that it was just a video camera, Lan Lin was worried, as if standing in front of his sister. Whatever happened to him, he had never been so worried, as it is now.

But meteor rain will not fall forever. Lan Lin sighed and said again: "... Sister Lan Kou, I love you. Marry me. I bring oath to the shooting stars that I will take care of you for life. I will make your life happy. "

Just at this time, a very bright meteor fragment, sparkling yellow rays, like a supernatural energy, was flying through the sky. The distance between him and Lin Lan was all decreasing.


At the moment the condession was over, that fantastic fragment of a meteorite crashed directly on the head of Lin Lan.

For a moment, Lan Lin vanished in the smoke and ashes. His body was gone and left neither shadow nor trace.

A few days later at the University of Lan Lin everyone became alarmed. It was said that a third-year student Lan Lin disappeared without a trace. The police came to his home and found out that his sister Lan Koh does not know where he is. In his room, they found on the wall the hole slightly larger than volleyball, and there was burnt a mark on it.

When Lan Ling woke up again, he was in an unknown world to him. He was still on the mountain, but definitely not where he filmed the fall of meteorites. In addition, there were a lot of plants, which Lan Lin did not know.

The most important thing was that he had seen two moons, one large and one smaller in the night sky. At first he thought that he had seen double. He rubbed his eyes with force, but still had two moons in the sky.

At the time he thought it was some kind of a unique astronomical phenomenon. But the creature he saw, completely dispelled his doubts.

Because it was Griffin. Flying through the sky a huge griffin. This animal does not exist in the world, except in the myths.

And then he saw another animal, beautiful, but cowardly. Unicorn!

So he decided that crossed the space between worlds. That meteorite crashed over him and carried him to another world.

Lan Lin could not accept this fact. He didi not believe that it came to an end.

He sought in every way throughout any portal that can bring him back to Earth. Because on Earth there was the most beloved person to him, he still had to get married, protect her lifetime, educate children.

And then there are the son of a rich man, who should be killed.

"Pest! Bloody god, get me back, bring back to Earth! "

Lan Lin were looking for a non-existing portal, and then again scolded the God.

Sometime later, he gradually realized that he had been probably not able to come back, and would forever remain here.

He despaired, found some cave and laid there motionless. And all the time he was thinking about his sister.

He remembered her every glance, every smile, every word she ever said to him.

All the memories were like frames, like a movie in his head. Remembering all, he was determined that his sister loves him. This expression of her eyes, what she said. How could he be so stupid to not understand?

Once, long ago, he went to bed, she furtively kissed him and stroked, and her face made blush. She did not attach a proper importance to her actions.

Remembering this, Lan Lin felt a warm feeling in his heart, and then a terrible suffer.

From the excitement and experiences his mind was pinned with fatigue, and eventually Lan Lin fell asleep. It seemed that only in dreams such suffering could be reduced.

Maybe, if the dream was good.


Lan Lin immersed in an incredibly deep sleep. Gradually, though, he really entered the world of mystical dreams.

World of the kingdom of dreams was completely dark, until it was lit by the dim rays.

These beams flickered slightly, and were filled with mystical energy that heaving slowly, as if breathing, just like the living.

Lan Lin carefully watched the radiance of this strange energy.

"Greetings to you, my new carrier", - he heard the voice of this ray, but of course it does not make sounds and words transmitted directly to the brain of Lan Lin, poured thoughts in the head.

Lan Lin jumped from fright and asked: "Who are you?"

"Me — a Comet", - said beam.

Lin Lan said in amazement: "So you're the meteorite, which crashed on me? That one which brought me into this world? "

"It is true", - said Comet.

Lin Lan said in anger: "Why did you do it? Quickly bring me back. Quickly bring back to Earth! "

"Not gonna happen, - said the comet - I brought you into this world and spent most of my energy. Now I'm at the last gasp. "

"And why did you do it? You bastard, you bastard! - Said Lan Lin in anger; - on Earth! Sister needs my care, needs my protection. "

Lan Lin endlessly swore and Comet quietly listened and made no reply.

After a long time, Lan Lin had begun to settle down. He asked, "Why have you transferred me to this world? Why? Why me? "

Comet said: ". I am the spirit of my past keeper, moved you to this world "

Lin Lan said, "And who is your last keeper? No, none of my business who he is. Why did he brought me here? "

Comet said: "I'm sorry, I do not know. I do not know who he is. I just animate the energy matter, which has left its carrier. I lost some memory. Therefore, I do not know who my previous carrier. "

Lan Lin paused, holding back emotions, and then calmly asked: "Then, after all, why did you come into this world? What do you want from me? Sure must be a reason. "

"I do not know. - Comet paused, -. The consciousness remains in me as if there is a piece of phrase, perhaps this is the mission for you to stay here "

"Which phrase?" - Asked Lan Ling.

"Something like this ... to destroy the world" - said the comet.

Lan Lin shivered.

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