Ready translation Quanzhi Fashi / Full-Time Magister: Chapter 116

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Chapter 116 Xin Xia's saving

Mo Fan was in a dilapidated room and partially charred area was opened in his sight. Some one-eyed wolves walked around there. Obviously, they could not find anything edible, but when they heard an explosion, one-eyed wolves stared at the spot where a door had recently been. Then the small size of the wolf looked at the half-dead dark magic monsters and frightened. Another animal looked at Mo Fan and his body shivered unwittingly. After that, two wolves looked at each other and immediately began to run.

Probably, these two one-eyed wolves were glad at heart that Mo Fan did not follow them.


Despite the fact that the monsters quickly ran away and did not pose a threat, Mo Fan still glowed in the soul.

That's what the magic of mid-level fire!

That's what the magic of mid-level lightning!

This destructive force had nothing to do with magic, previously available to Mo Fan!

This is the real magic!

Initial skills paled in compression !

"Bloody Yu An, this Black Church dog thought to kill Mo Fan, didn't he ???"

"Damn it! It is not time to be content with a victory, we need to save Xing Xia" - realized the boy and, without taking a breath, he rushed towards the Walmart store.

Reaching the mid-level magic, Mo Fan did not feel any changes in his body. He ran to the railing and, without thinking twice, jumped from the third floor down!

Every minute was important on the road to WalMart!

Suddenly, the hero noticed that some big- eyed rats were walking aimlessly near the WalMart!

Would it be difficult to cope with a couple of rats for man exploded iron door of the shop ? Of course, it wouldn't.

Entering inside, Mo Fan walked past shelves with goods and saw the image from surveillance cameras. There were clearly visible refrigerators!

Mo Fan had rushed to the place with refrigerators, but eyed rat heard him.

Seeing a living person, animals howled and excitedly rushed to the magician!

"Damn you! Die! "

"Burning Fist!"

Flame appeared under Mo Fan's feet! The fire began to focus dutifully in a fist of the magician!

*** Sounds of blows***

In an instant, the next two racks, as well as all the monsters, turned to ashes!

How did these stupid creatures misunderstand that I was not some kind of man, but MID-LEVEL MAGACIAN !

Did they really think that their delicate bodies could stand the "Burning Fist"?

At this time, using a powerful spell, Mo Fan controlled it. Because of that this shop did not become a raging ocean of flame.

"Xing Xia! Xia Xing! "

Mo Fan ran quickly to the nearest fridge.

Hero saw a wheelchair and was headed to the next standing refrigerator.

Carefully opening the freezer door, Mo Fan saw Xing Xia.

Her skin was so white that she looked like a sleeping beauty!

On the face of Xing Xia there wasn't blush which was so familiar to Mo Fan! Frost was in her eyelashes, and the impression that she was crying. Mo Fan pulled Xing Xia hastily. Just touching her, he realized how cold it was a body.

"Xing Xia!"

Mo Fanu suddenly felt uneasy!

"Xing Xia, wake up! It's me, Mo Fan! I came to save you!"

Mo Fan hugged the girl, hoping to warm her. After a while, she became warmer and started to breathe. Suddenly, Xia Xing opened her eyes and heard the painfully familiar breath.

"Mo Fan, is that you?" - Asked in a low voice Xia Xing, not believing that it could be Mo Fan. She thought that it was just her imagination before her death.

In the face of the death every human life seems so fragile. Today Mo Fan saw the death, and really did not want to lost Xing Xia.

"Mo Fan-ge, I thought that I will not see you any more."

Xia Xing heart melted and she hugged Mo Fan.

"How could I leave you?", - Said Mo Fan.

Xing Xia said nothing and hugged him tighter. When Mo Fan left her in the freezer, she thought that he was not coming back. Xing Xia broke down and cried.

Translators: realizm

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