Ready translation Quanzhi Fashi / Full-Time Magister: Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Fierce element of fire: Blazing Fist!

"I made a break-through!" - Mo Fan said, looking at this incomparable flame with magical power. He felt a slight thrill and excitement. As a rule, made a break-through of any star to star of the nebula, a person became a midrange magician.

In other words, it doesn’t matter which element star transform to the nebula stars, Mo Fan became the midrange magician anyway! However, he couldn’t wait that two stars transformed in two nebula stars!

*** The growing squeak***

The shrill squall with clanged claws of beasts on the door reached the ears of Mo Fan. Standing in front of the door, his shining glare looked at ugly beasts, terrible thirst to kill.

Dark magical beasts – is a symbol of the Black Church. In fact, they aren’t born with this shape; they became so by interfusion any beasts with vicious spirit of a dying man. These creatures were the embodiment of anger, hatred, and lust. Black Church only can control these monsters.

These beasts like to kill not just for fun, they also have one feature: transformed into such monsters, they dream about that all other people become the same slaves of darkness as they do.

These beasts hate people of an evil sort as their enemies, can spread their "infection" that motivates them to commit further crimes. How can a small iron door to stop their thirst?

Making a metamorphosis, the beasts begin to feel thirsty and the only other people's pain and suffering brought them pleasure. During the massacre this thirst makes them even more frightening!

Bright green eyes, gurgle jaw with dripping saliva, sharp claws, hungry howling ...

Perhaps, half an hour ago, meeting with two or more monsters face to face would be a true nightmare for Mo Fan, because these beasts were working together, using vile attack from the back. The entry-level magician couldn’t pass this fatal test. Now, however, these beasts were nothing more than a bunch of sad, pathetic freaks for Mo Fan. This pair of monsters has already passed the stage of transmutation, plunged into darkness. Similar to them were inferior beings with pride and arrogance.

Mo Fan stood and watched as the beasts tore the iron door.

They destroyed the door!

The first monsters, crowding and hindering each other, madly broke inside. There was an impression that the task of beasts were like a taste of the meat of the victim as soon as possible. Commit such a crime, they could rise in the eyes of their own kind.

Some ferocious heads have been shown, but monster’s body stuck in the broken doorway. Monsters, which remaining outside, were screaming excitedly. Seeing all this, Mo Fan didn’t confused and took a magical tome. He took the tome in his hands and began to pour insane amount of magical energy into it. Suddenly, the book took off and began to flutter in front of Mo Fan. A moment later, she began to transform into elemental star system. Despite the fact, that the book was gone, the star system imprinted in the eyes of Mo Fan. One star, two stars, three ...

Stars were in the fiery nebula, seemed to have received a call of a special kind and lined up one after the other immediately. First came together, this phenomenon has been known very god for Mo Fan at the initial level of education. Then the boy released the magic, not even close to standing with the magic of the entry-level!

While they were still connecting, the second stellar constellation was discovered in the elemental nebula. ..

Stars joined in the stellar constellation, and the stellar constellation and the constellation began surprisingly intertwined, creating an amazing system! It was elemental star system! This was a high-level magic! It was a kind of door which opened mid-level magic!

49 star shine in the spiritual world of the boy, forming to a beautiful picture. A moment later the same picture appeared not only in the pupils Mo Fan, but also under his feet. The tremendous power was filled of the magician’s body, and whole his body began to burn!

"The Burning Fist!"

Calling out the name of the middle-level spells, Mo Fan felt his veins seemed to burn! Focusing view of the beasts who wanted to kill him, Mo Fan smiled crazily. "I'll give you death," - said Mo Fan with a small pause after each word.

At the same time, the raging flames concentrated in the magician’s fist, taking the form of a destructive fireball! The whole rage on beasts, which trying to destroy his hometown, hurt his friends, filled the fireball! Then, the flame rapidly began to create a wall of fire right in front of Mo Fan. This magic, without doubt, would not leave a trace of dark magic creatures, killing all at once!

The majestic power of the fire blared and "growling"! Another moment, and the boy released the full power of the flame, burning all the creatures in his path!

When Mo Fan looked closer to a place where a large number of monsters has been recently, and saw only the coals. Monsters, which remaining outside, have begun to panic squeak and fled in different directions, afraid to get hit. But these were only futile attempts to escape ... The fire overtook every dark magic beast, sparing no one! The strength of the explosions of fireballs was so powerful that it destroyed the nearby things and beat out the glass! Some of the monsters tried to hide in a nearby restaurant, but the force of the fireballs immediately destroyed that part of the building. Across the mall were heard cries of beasts, roar and crackle glass. Cries of beasts, the roar and clatter of glass could be heard all over the mall.

The strength of the "Burning Fist" was amazing: in the blink of an eye, he turned all the monsters and even a restaurant serving European cuisine, in the ashes 10 dark monsters immediately burned, 6 survived, but is unlikely to have rise and only 4 were able to escape.

Translators: realizm

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