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Chapter 121: Magic Shanghai City

Mo Fan felt helpless.

In any case, it is impossible to stay in the Bo town. And what if the military will not be able to protect them at the next time?

Bo City - backwater. In addition, the Black Church seized and destroyed a large number of valuable resources for the city and the holy source was drunk by Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was repeatedly interrogated, but Zuo Yan He, Mu Zhuo Yun, Zhang Kun and many others did not fully investigate this matter. The fact that there are so many survivors in the city - Mo Fan's merit as well.

"Mo Fan, you're healthy and strong man now, we will go with you wherever you say" - Mo Xing said happily.

"Go to the magical Shanghai" - said Mo Fan.

Shanghai - the largest city in the southern part. When Mo Fan had explored this world, he thought to live in a such city and work hard. Surely magicians from all over the country want to visit the southern capital!

"Prices for apartments in Shanghai are very high! First, we need to find out if there are any special homes for refugees "- said Mo Jia Xing.

Xing Xia had nothing to say, but in any case,wherever he decided to go she would be with him.

After some time, Mo Jia Xing ran home. Smiling, Xia Xing said to Mo Fan: "Imagine, Shanghai really gives neighborhood for refugees and if you do not have any questions, I will enter our names on the list wishing to get there, "- said Mo Jia Xing!.


Well, they decided to leave, so it is necessary to leave. Family of three people quickly collected luggage, but there was nothing to collect. Apartment was sold a long time ago.

Mu He family had a lot of land in the Bo city. I wonder what they thought about the accident? Are they going to leave?

Than heroes arrived from Bo to the city of Xiamen, then went to Shanghai on a high-speed train.

"I wonder what to do if a train will be attacked by monsters?" - asked Mo Fan, until they were on the train.

"Route of high-speed trains is watched and guarded by specially trained magicians", - said Xing Xia.

"The first time I'm going so far from home," - said Mo Fan.

"It seems that you do not know many simple things", - said Xing Xia and laughed.

"Well, I'm from a different world. Science World. They do not learn boring magic in school but different scientific theories. Everything is explained by science, not magic. It's far from such thing! Almost no one believes in magic", - said Mo Fan.

For a long time Xing Xia hasn't seen someone who talks trash with a such serious look.

"What nonsense? If there wasn't outstanding research in the magic, where would take household appliances, computers and vehicles from? I keep silence about the fact that the train uses the lightning energy to move. Yeah, the younger generation ... does not respect history, does not respect the predecessors ", - said the old man sitting next to Mo Fan.

When he heard these words, he felt real uncomfortable.

For three years Mo Fan has changed a lot and learned a lot of things. But after this reply, he has felt that his mental faculties are not so outstanding.

"Elder, my son likes to say bizarre things, please do not pay attention to it. Will you also go to Shanghai? "- said Mo Jia Xing. He could easily speak to anyone.

- Yes, I go back to Shanghai after a seminar in Xiamen.

- After a little conversation with you, I think that you are a lecturer.

The old man stroked his thick black beard, his eyes lit up and he said: Yes, I am a teacher of history at the University of Mingzhu. (Mingzhu (明珠 míngzhū) in Chinese - a jewel, a gem)

Mo Jia Xing only heard the elder's words and respect for him at once.

Mo Fan stared in wonder at the elder with a thick black beard and mustache.

In the world of the boy the coolest University was Fudan University.

But the dream of every magician was Mingzhu University.

If there wasn't an accident in the Bo city, Mo Fan would exactly tried to go to Mingzhu university. The problem was that the government sends refugees from Bo to study in other universities. You will need to pass a unified magical exam again next year.

Mo Fan was finishing high school and he had to worry about the university.

Get evocative stone is almost impossible, so you have to go to university or join the magical community to improve in magic. Reaching the mid-level, Mo Fan has a great opportunity not only to develop his current items, but also to awaken a new one.

That's why, arriving in Shanghai, the first thing that Mo Fan wanted is to settle things down relating to the second awakening. He has a confusing choice: he could go to a magical university or join the community of wizards.

Magic community - have long formed organizations. They have wizards, who should be taught, there are special positions and the fair distribution of resources among all. Can Mo Fan join one of the magical communities and get the most benefit? The answer was not obvious, so the best way to find out is to go to university.

University resources are always distributed among the best magicians, there is a greater chance to succeed.

When the time comes, he has to find out everything. Maybe in Mingzhu university accept like him who has an element of lightning?

Nearby teacher sits from this university, Can I ask him?

"Elder, Is Mingzhu university looking for any particular students?", - said Mo Fan.

"If the student would have very unusual talent, yes, I think so. But in Mingzhu it does not usually happen", - said the old man and looked carefully at the Mo Fan than said:

- Do you want to go to Mingzhu university?

- It has been planning for a long time.

- It will be better for you to pass unified magical exam as soon as possible. And about using the talents ... do not think about it too much, it's better to spend time on learning. In Mingzhu there are the most outstanding and the most promising students. If you can pass the exam better than a few thousand students - you are already gifted.

- As a result, students with talents have privileges in entrance?

- Certainly they have but I do not think the common man could do the right things for the gifted one.

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