Ready translation Quanzhi Fashi / Full-Time Magister: Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Moving

Mo Fan really wanted to help Xu Da Juan, but he was too far from here. "Burning Fist" can not help at this distance. Moreover, there are a lot of monsters around Xu Da Juan and it is hard to say whether he would survive.

Mo Fan thought to bring Xia Xing out of the house. Even despite the fact that he was a magician, he should not openly conflict with the monsters.

Mid - level magicians are strong enough to kill the animals instantly. The problem is that animals can call the leader of the pack, and they are not afraid of mid-level magicians. However, not so much time has passed since that moment as Mo Fan got on the roof of the building, and more than a dozen monsters were very close and many fled here.

The boy had only one folio, and there were still a lot of animals. If all the animals gathered in one place, they could be hit by magic at once, but it is almost impossible. Taking Xing Xia, Mo Fan quickly ran down.

After a while they got to the promised viaduct. At this point, the military established a special dark magic stones that protect the territory from all monsters except the leaders of the pack.

Start lightning, strong wind blew. It was clearly visible Bo city, shrouded in darkness. From time to time you can see the beautiful flashes of magical energy and hear the howling animals, there was something here and there. In peacetime who would have thought that such a catastrophe could befall the city. As it turned out, the world is not so quiet as it seems.

In the world of Mo Fan people often fought among themselves, but there people are fighting with the animals.

How much can be changed the Bo city at the next dawn? Can magicians banish the animals? Mo Fan did not know the answers to these questions. He hugged Xing Xia and fell asleep.

The boy is lucky, this time in the disaster zone there weren't so many people from his family, but nobody will be so lucky all the time. If he could not save Xing Xia, he would reproached himself at the end of his days.

"Xing Xia, we are almost there," - said Mo Fan, seeing safe streets. But the tension is still there inside him.

"Yes", - said the girl, sighing deeply.

Feeling of possibility to survive - a really good feeling.

"I heard that there is some sort of artifact - a magic wings. Is it true that the subject can help transform a person who can not walk into a fairy? "- asked Mo Fan.

- Yes. And it is very expensive

- Price does not matter. I know how to make money. We can buy the wings what you like!

The night passed quietly and without incident.

Then the dawn came up and the sun's rays pierced the clouds.

Mo Fan opened his eyes. The boy thought that someone had called, but did not know why.

This is reinforced!

Reinforcements finally arrived!

A large group of "eagle"! In each group of "Eagle" there is a mid-level magician.

Due to the fact that the southern part of the Bo city was hit hard by the disaster, it took more time to receive reinforcements. But when you consider how quickly flew a group and that it was "Eagle", it becomes clear that their boss was very excited.

It is difficult to say are there magicians more suitable for the destruction of these monsters in Bo city.

"Eagle" squad flew swiftly to the Bo city and landed on the viewing platform nearby. Seeing the mighty magacians from the detachment, there was a strong feeling that the city finally received the necessary protection.


The task of the "Eagle" is extremely simple: destroy all the monsters - the leaders of the pack.

Having finished with the leaders, magicians of the Bo city could pulverize all the remaining animals.

Last night most of the magicians had to take refuge in a safe area. Today, all the magicians gathered in small groups to destroy monsters.

This time, extermination of the monsters lasted more than a week. Some animals may have escaped through the sewers. But after cleaning, they just will not be able to walk freely through the streets of the city.

After the elimination of the majority of the monsters become much calmer.

But the city has changed ...

Everywhere you could see the destroyed buildings and bridges. There was chaos everywhere. Children, playing happily in the street, sometimes found frightening corpses.

City Bo did not look like it was not so long ago. However, the biggest change happened in the minds and hearts of men: they were afraid of a replication of the same or even more terrible disaster. Many have lost their loved ones. It could be said that the city wouldn't change very much if it could not be saved ...


Sad Mo Fan was sitting in the room and smoking a cigarette.

Aunt of Mo Fan, Mo Qing, survived, but it is impossible to say certainty about his uncle.

Nothing was known about him. Uncle's name was missed in the list of the dead, but everyone knew that he probably will not return.

"The Bo city's government wants us to send in other cities," - said Mo Fan.

"Feel as refugees, to wander, to live in someone else's shelter, I'd rather stay here. And you move on "- replied Mo Qing grimly.

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