Ready translation Quanzhi Fashi / Full-Time Magister: Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Fist, flown from the sky!

Night fell and the city was absorbed by the twilight. Usually at this time the city lighted up, but there almost nothing could be seen.

Rain was drizzling and the roar was heard, there was something scary here and there.

The atmosphere was forced to question: Did people live here?

In the area of Ming Wen, which has already been partially evacuated, bodies lay everywhere. Every second monsters pulled from the wreckage new bodies and immediately ate it.

At this time, the sunset still shined dimly this part of the city. On the streets there were crowds of animals which rioted and were furious because of the fact that some little people destroyed their passage.

Despite the fact that there were many animals, they weren't still able to capture the city. The idea of destroyed passage prevented them to enjoy a meal.

Many of the animals persecuted magicians very violently, who destroyed the pass.

Their anger was so strong that even the fear of mid- level magicians fell by the wayside. Ruthlessly they persecuted and killed everyone who was caught.

Most powerful magicians had been killed by monsters, but it was not enough. Animals hunted down and killed even the weakest people.

"Enough, Luo Yun Bo, we can't run away," - said Pan Li Jun. Luo Yun Bo was sad.

Initially,it was clear, getting this mission was like one-way tickets.

The gates had been destroyed, Cheng Guan Jun sacrificed himself. These entry-level magicians ... they had no chance to escape from the monsters.

"What is this nonsense? Of course I can get away from them, "- said Luo Yun Bo with anger in his voice.

He was not going to give up. Compared with ordinary people, combat magicians were steadfast and were not afraid of death. If they needed to sacrifice themselves, they would not hesitate.

The job had been already done. Cheng Guan Jun, using the latest magic power, paved the way. By his example, he showed that even in the face of death you mustn't give up.

"When was his life important?" - thought Luo Yun Bo.

In the town of Bo too many people had already died. Luo Yun Bo did not want to lost even more, as he did not want his teammate, Pan Li Jun, died.

He did not want to give up, he wanted all the monsters to be banished from the Bo town. He wanted the town to be rapidly restored after the devastation. Luo Yun Bo did not want to hear the awful screams and piteous moans. He did not want to die and forbade Pan Li Jun to give up.

*** The sounds of crying and machines' humming ***

Suddenly, in front of the intersection, there were six one-eyed wolves, blocking the way to the heroes. On that street there were no lanes, other monsters were catching up with them slowly.

Pan Li Jun's face was quiet. She did not really want to fight meaningless.

Even if the amount of monsters, running behind of them, would be over a hundred, monsters didn't catch up with them.

While magicians were running down the street, they had even a little hope. Those six wolves had run hearing howling of the other monsters.

If just they try a little bit, they can change the outcome of the chase!

Luo Yun Bo looked around to find any opportunity to escape, but found nothing. He just noticed that the roof of the building, which was located nearby, had a flame-colored glow.



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