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Chapter 118: Brave warriors of Bo city

Taking away Xia Xing from the area, Mo Fan noticed some dark magic monsters, suffering from pain.

It looked like some of the animals nibbled some monsters of its kind, leaving them to die.

The few animals that had recently got scared and ran away from the area, returned and found some animals of its kind more delicious food than men.

Outside of the city monsters killed each other. This happened because they had a strong desire to become stronger by eating the remains of each other.

"When we get to the viaduct, you will be in a safe area", - said Mo Fan to Xing Xia.

The girl nodded, but her face was still a little worried.

Smiling, Mo Fan said: "Do not worry, we will not be faced with the beasts!"

Xia Xing stared at the boy.

It was clear that there were many monsters all over! How could these words make her relax!


Mo Fan continued going with Xing Xia.

Sometimes he accelerated, sometimes he stopped, trying to keep the most safe places.

Mo Fan was trying to see where they could take refuge in case of trouble.

Such precautions would have to be just in time, because it allowed them to avoid encounters with monsters.

Seeing the way Mo Fan deftly avoids the animals, Xing Xia has got the impression that he uses highly accurate map.

They continued walking and did not meet any interference, sometimes there were several animals wandering aimlessly in the distance, and running away at the sight of the fleeing heroes.

In fact, even the few animals, that were met along the way, tried to run away from the magicians. Xing Xia saw fear in the eyes of these monsters.

Noticing a strangeness, Xing Xia couldn't keep silence and asked:

- Mo Fan-ge, why did they run away seeing you?

- It is because they are not so stupid; they know that I'm stronger.

Mo Fan laughed.

"Did they smell that you stronger?" - thought Xing Xia putting her head down. After a few seconds, realizing something, she smiled and asked:

- Mo Fan-ge, are you ... a mid- level magician?

- Yeah, ha ha ha, if these small pets don't gather in a group, there won't be any attacks!

Mo Fan laughed loudly.

The difference between the magician of mid-level and entry-level is very high. Earlier, passing through the area, the boy was very afraid to meet the monsters, but now he was right near them and was absolutely relaxed.

Of course, Mo Fan didn't ask for a battle with the beasts.

The boy did not have the knowledge, which mid- level mages usually had, but he still had those few folios that were given by the teacher.

He had already used two of them, only two left. In other words, he may use two mid-level spells , but it would need a lot of effort. Based on these thoughts, he did not touch the monsters.

"Oh, that's it! And your perception has become better! ", - said Xing Xia happily.

"Yes, if there is a strong monster nearby, I will immediately feel it, and we will go elsewhere," - said Mo Fan.

Reaching the mid- level magicians got mental perception, which not only makes them feel strange activity, but also allows you to feel the movement of energy. Thus, if someone planned to attack in the middle level of the magician in his area of mental perception, then he would have time and opportunity to respond.

Being a magician of the mid-level is much better than it could be imagined!

Xing Xia was overjoyed and blushed so much. Because of this fact she was so charming that anyone would want to kiss her.

She saw that Mo Fan winced and looked so serious. She asked in a very low voice:

- What happened?

- Fuck! Cannot be! Monsters gathered in a group to attack us! It is necessary to hide! Quickly!

Mo Fan swore so much. After that he took Xia Xing in the nearest building.

No questions asked, Mo Fan lifted her from the wheelchair and ran to the upper floors of the building. He had already felt a large group of monsters. Animals rushed at breakneck speed, even before the magicians ran into the building, it was possible to hear them rattling somewhere near.

In one breath Mo Fan reached the fifth floor, he saw countless monsters from the window. One-eyed wolves, big- eyed rats ... there were so many monsters that it seemed as if they were brought by the tide!

Xing Xia tried not to breathe, so as not to distract Mo Fan. Though she was not a mid-level magician, but she felt a huge amount of monsters around there.

"It's a teacher!" - said Mo Fan, getting a look at a group of people.

In the street Mo Fan saw flying teacher Luo Yun Bo, who used magic wind. In his hands he was carrying a teacher - Pan Li Jun.

And on the another street it could be seen as another magician saved a man from hunting monsters. There Mo Fan could clearly see that Ming Wen school collapsed, especially a dining room and a snack bar . Actually, in this place only large crater was visible.

"They did it!" - Mo Fan said excitedly.

The school zone Ming Wen was a passage to Monsters. The fact that it could be destroyed, meaning that the whole city would be saved.

And what about Cheng Chun Guan?

Mo Fan noticed immediately that a group of people disappeared. Luo Yun Bo and Pan Li Jun were surrounded by a crowd of monsters.

"Are they going to die?"

Even Cheng Jun Guan, mid-level magician, may be lost there.

"Xing Xia , come with me on the roof" - said Mo Fan and they ran to the roof.

All teachers - brave warriors of the Bo town, and we can not leave them to fend for themselves!

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