Ready translation Quanzhi Fashi / Full-Time Magister: Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: The wonderful magic of healing.

Moving Xin Xia in a wheelchair, Mo Fan felt dizzy.

Xing Xia noticed that something was wrong and asked: "What is it?"

"It's okay, just dizzy," – Mo Fan answered.

Since then the boy left the holy spring, he had no time to rest, so he was tired physically and mentally.

Mo Fan was needed to use magic again to divert Xing Xia from the danger zone. The difficulty was that in this condition the boy would not be able to use the mid-level magic. The difficulty lay in the fact that he would not be able to use the mid-level magic in this condition. This thought disturbed Mo Fan.

Xin Xia saw the wound that ran from the shoulder to the wrist and said: "Your hand is bleeding and you've lost a lot of blood!"

"Yes, this wound I received while fighting with dark magic beasts" - Mo Fan said. The hand still a little worried the hero.

Xin Xia took Mo Fan’s hand and put on her hip.

He could feel her smooth legs despite the fact that she was wearing a snow-white dress. The pain immediately disappeared.

Legs of Xin Xia were quite normal in appearance, at least, while she was sitting, she was no different from an ordinary girl. Perhaps, due to the fact, that her legs were so cute, god took her ability to move.

They went to the hospital several times with Xia Xing, but doctors couldn’t give a clear answer, and expensive hospitals… they couldn’t make a decision to go there.

Amazing, milky white energy that was going in the palm of her hand has come out of the girl's body, while Mo Fan was enjoying the moment secretly.

Xing Xia closed her eyes and put her hand on Mo Fan wound.

Immediately he was tickled, and the energy was slowly beginning to heal his wounds.

This magic was like a living spirit that sutured muscles of Mo Fan.

"This is ...", - Mo Fan said dumbfounded.

The wound, which previously could be easily seen with the naked eye, decreased rapidly.

This feeling ... wounds quickly began to be tightened, as if someone has fastened them as zipper on the jacket!

That was the power of healing magic!

Mo Fan couldn’t believe his own eyes!

He looked at concentrate Xin Xia and was so amazed that he could forget that she was the magician-healer!

Xin Xia - the only one who has awakened healing magic in the city of Bo!

Generally people could wake up one of the seven basic elements of magic, wind, fire, water, ice, lightning, light and earth. However, that was one of the exceptions. Some people could awake collateral magic: white, black or its changes. The magic of healing was a big piece of white magic, but to find the magicians with this specialization was difficult among midrange magicians even. And awaken the healing magic as the first element - was extremely rare and almost impossible!

The magic of Xin Xia, besides Mo Fan wounds, also healed his dizziness. The peculiarity of healing magic laid in the fact that it not only could heal wounds, but also compensated blood in the body.

The boy was pleasantly surprised by this property and thought that Xin Xia was very fragile in appearance, and had a matchless power! Perhaps, in the world without wars, such power could instantly displace any medical drugs.

"Xin Xia, your treatment is so effective! And if you need to treat a cut on a throat, you’re immediately able to handle it? "- Mo Fan asked with great shock.

The girl shook her head and said: "Yes, but if the person is still alive."

"Yeah, I understood. Well, this is also not bad! "- Mo Fan answered.

Those who hunted on monsters and werewolves outside the city, they said that most people didn’t die from the monsters, they died by a large number of wounds that monsters cause.

The wound, has got in the fight, might cause bleeding, infection, or just felt worse. You could die without timely treatment. Most of the hunters, leaving the city, took water and ready provisions with themselves, and only the wisest of them took medicines. But medications couldn’t cure immediately, so in most cases you couldn’t continue the hunt.

For example, making a long and difficult travel to the village surroundings, a group of five magicians could significantly improve the chances of survival at the expense of only one magician of healing with them. In most cases, healing magic worked even better than the defensive.

"There are other wounds," - said Xing Xia, carefully examining Mo Fan.

Little hand, without touching the boy, quickly healed injuries and abrasions. Mo Fan thought that this ability would come in handy.

Some time passed, and the magician already looked like he didn’t fight at all. The only signs of recent fighting were holes in clothing.

"You're so cool, Xin Xia! We could jointly open a "painless hospital." How much money you can earn! "- laughing, said Mo Fan.

Xin Xia contemptuously looked at the magician.

Mo Fan thought that now they were real magicians.

When the wounds were healed, Mo Fan felt an unprecedented lightness.

Concentrating, magician found that not only his body but also his magical power was restored!

Now monsters, waited outside, wouldn’t be able to block them way!

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