Xīng Wǔ Shén Jué / 星武神诀 / Star Martial God Technique: Chapter 31 - Heaven’s vision

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Chapter 31. Heaven’s vision.
Sa Y Nin struck with her long and hard legs to E Xinghe, he flied away from her at five-six meters and hit the tree.
The leafage fell from the tree with rustle.
E Xinghe leaned on standing near big tree and he had a splitting headache.
That’s a horrible power!
E Xinghe and Sa Y Nin have unequal powers.
Is this the fifth level of practicing dragon martial technique?
E Xinghe felt big exciting he hadn’t such experience, why he hadn’t been afraid but they are different levels and the further the stronger their different in power is felt.
Sa Y Nin casted a glance at E Xinghe, she was very surprised that he had demonstrated such power which must be of the third level of practicing star martial technique remains as good as of practicing star martial technique. Besides usually practicing star martial technique isn’t such strong in fighting.
Sa Y Nin stopped her hand otherwise she could break him both hands.
Physical power of practicing dragon martial technique is very strong. She is on the fifth level even steel would be unable to resist her and bent!
But Sa Y Nin doesn’t show her dragon power fully, if she shown all the limits of her abilities E Xinghe hadn’t had any chances!
If suddenly having the third level meets in fighting with having the forth level he will have small chance, but if he meets with the one who has the fifth level he absolutely hasn’t chances to resist him!
-Have you another some skills, I want to look at them, especially how you could beat Lan Y! –Sa Y Nin came up to E Xinghe and said it to him.
It’s impossible to describe how sexually Sa Y Nin looks when she is going in her closely clinging black leather clothes.
E Xinghe understood that now she didn’t attack fully, she just wants to look at his martial skills and she doesn’t consider him as her enemy! He isn’t going to tolerate it.
If he retreats now from such enemy as Sa Y Nin, then how could he protect his clan? After it he will have to encounter with dark moon’s clan.
In order to get once rid of his present position in society he needs to meet with strong enemy and then he couldn’t resist!
E Xinghe was indignant and deeply breathed, his starlight body’s power began to pin up a little below the belly-button. And that moment when it was up to her eyes they kindled with gold light.
Starlight apple of eyes is activated!
Activated the starlight body’s power, E Xinghe looked at Sa Y Nin and suddenly he felt incomparable feeling, his eyes began to see very clear and bright. He even saw through leather clothes Sa Y Nin’s body. Her figure is very sexual.
Now E Xinghe could see how her energy is rotating a little below her belly-button and pass along her body’s meridians. He can see all the details!
It’s really stunningly!
Who could think that his starlight apple of eyes has ability to see how his energy works in enemy!
E Xinghe was shocked by this in his head different sounds were tuning.
Another function of starlight apple of eyes is heaven’s vision!
-Although this is not martial skill, but on the other hand I can see my enemy through!
Sa Y Nin came up to E Xinghe and suddenly looked into his eyes letting out the gold light with the help of which he can see his enemy through. She was shocked by such E Xinghe’s martial skill!
Looked into his eyes she felt that outgoing light is a little cold.
She thought that E Xinghe could break Lan Y’s fiery balls with helps of gold light from his eyes.
Sa Y Nin didn’t know his all martial skills why he a little felt dangerous.
An Sueun watched everything from the side, though E Xinghe flied away from the hit of Sa Y Nin’s leg, she saw that she stopped her hand in this case she’s nothing to worry about.
Certainly she paid attention on gold light from E Xinghe’s eyes and was very surprised it. She was very interested as far as his cultivation advanced.
-Let me know what your limits of martial abilities! –With enormous curiosity Sa Y Nin pronounced.
Sa Y Nin suddenly struck by the leg to E Xinghe.
Dragon’s power of hit!
Hit striking by Sa Y Nin is full of heavy power.
E Xinghe saw how during the hit a little below Sa Y Nin’s belly-button something shined like the sun and the energy suddenly speeded up its rotating.
With helps of what he can see how her energy is working he can define when she will attack.
Only one step and his body would feel dragon’s power of hit like on the skin the knife walked.
It couldn’t even come into her head that E Xinghe could evade and so skillfully that she doesn’t succeed to get over him.
If now she a little relaxes she can fail!
E Xinghe skillfully evaded from her hits and was standing firmly on his feet.
Sa Y Nin attacked him to his stomach by her leg.
There was a sound of dissect air.
E Xinghe made a step and bounced like a rabbit Sa Y Nin’s leg flied on the air and to her surprise didn’t get in his stomach.
After such jumping, E Xinghe landed in three meters from Sa Y Nin.
Although rabbits are very weak but sometimes they can attack the hawk!
Sa Y Nin wrinkled her brows she attacked him twice. She was more interested. Before she ignored E Xinghe thinking that his power isn’t so great but he can evade from her attacks!
These unusual eyes have unknown for her abilities.
Which secrets does this guy save?

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