Xīng Wǔ Shén Jué / 星武神诀 / Star Martial God Technique: Chapter 13 - Treatment

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Chapter 13. Treatment.
“It must be a mistake!” – E Xinghe confusedly tried to explain everything: “I just asked you to enter and I didn’t expect at all that you could suddenly attack. Please accept my apology!”
An Sueun cover her chest by the dress, raised her head and glanced at E Xinghe’s eyes, her cheeks glowed, and she said: “Today I really first began, you just defended. Let`s finish it. Only don’t tell a word to anyone about this incident!”
An Sueun turned away, her eyes glistened with tears, though they have already not disassembled this incident, but still it was a bit offensive.
“Mmm…”, - E Xinghe wanted to say so much, but saw An Sueun disappointed, he just silently nodded his head.
In this misunderstanding E Xinghe understood that he has overdone it too.
An Sueun is from powerful tribe of Endless Sky and this fact that she doesn`t want any more to disassemble in it, means a great grace. E Xinghe, do you dare to say anything?
“We don’t know who is who!” - An Sueun, gritted her teeth, wanted to get up, but fell again.
E Xinghe looked at An Sueun and asked: “What’s happened?”
He was pursued by remorse that she has to sustain it. If somebody know it, her reputation would be damaged.
An Sueun lifted the hem of her dress and got up, on her snow-white shin was seen the red scar of injury.
E Xinghe clutched her shin, he unconsciously used his star force, he didn’t expect that wound would be such deep, from what he was ashamed.
“I’m sorry, I have attacked too hard!” – he pronounced it with regret.
An Sueun wrinkled up her forehead, on her chest there was still wound, that hurt as well. Suddenly she remembered about happened, and her cheeks turned red again. I can’t go out of here, what to do?
“The pain is unsupportable!” - E Xinghe was a bit silent, then, sparkling by eyes, said: “I go and will do healing salve for you!”
E Xinghe stood up and went into a room, taking some fruit and vegetables, it is that usually eats normal people, but if mixed it together, it’s possible to get the treatment, which heals the wounds well. He read about it in the book of different kind of herbs.
Seeing from afar E Xinghe doing something hardly, she didn’t even know what think about.
Although E Xinghe was dressed modestly, he looked very handsome.
After some time he finally found the right proportion, took the resulting liquid, he came up to An Sueun, sat down, gave her.
“I help you to spread!” - E Xinghe took some liquid, and when he was going to rub, she pulled her leg back. He was a little scared and looked at An Sueun, and she didn’t understand, why he had looked at her, and her cheeks turned red again. He smiled with embarrassment, taking the liquid in his hand, passed it her: “This medicine helps to heal you wounds, you need to rub it in! I help you in treatment!”
“Mmm…” – An Sueun silently nodded her head.
Before that E Xinge, without a word, began to rub the salve and to use the heavenly body’s power. Feeling her skin, he felt awkward.
Smutched her bruised shin, E Xinghe noticed that the redness subsided very quickly.
Both were silent, why the tension was felt in the air. Although E Xinghe called An Sueun sister-mentor, in fact they were the same age.
An Sueun felt the heavenly body’s power. E Xinhe, how long have you been practicing starlight body’s power? Who would have thought that you can gather starlight body’s power?
It’s really incredible! Could have awaken six red crystals! How the nugget doesn’t look like the normal people…
Up to now An Sueun was proud of her talent of cultivation. When she was a child, her family promised to give her in marriage a very influential family in the capital. An Sueun didn’t want to fall a victim to family interests. She always aimed for becoming free, being the same as Valkyrie.
An Sueun’s talent is not bad enough, in this young age she is already such a great person, but even so doesn’t up to Valkyrie. She knows that E Xinghe developed with lightning speed, that’s why she very wants to know the secret of his nurture.
Who could have thought that she faced such an incident.
Only just now she realized that E Xinghe kept her leg, from what her cheeks turned red. It was the first boy…
Now she can’t move freely, that’s why she allowed E Xinghe to help her. At this moment she felt the energy in her hip, which slowly penetrated into the shin and continuously healed her wound.
This energy, penetrated inside, is like a little ant, relaxing electricity, extending along the shin. She felt awkward, from what she pulled her legs. The energy reached her energy, situating below her belly button.
An Sueun gift a cry, she felt that this energy enter her energy and slowly subsided.
It is very strange feeling.
An Sueun turned red and couldn’t up her head and look at E Xinghe, what to do? She was amazed, that he gift his attention to her, helped her in treating of her wound.
Even so she decided to glance at him, and didn’t feel the hatred at all.
That time E Xinghe was very tensed, feeling the soft girlish leg in his hands, he was already sweating, tightly taping up her.
“Your wound must be right yet!”
E Xinghe looked at rebuilt skin and said: “It’s the first time when I use the energy of the heavenly body for the treating of the wounds”. He was very surprised of such effect: there is not even a scar.
“What are you doing?” – blushing An Sueun stood up fast.
“I’m sorry, I just wanted to look how the wound healed”, - E Xinghe hurried up to explain everything.
“You..”, - An Sueun stomped her feet, she wasn’t never touched by the boy yet, and today E Xinghe light-mindedly touched her a few times. But today she was very amazed by his ability to treat the wounds, without leaving a trace. It’s usually impossible to have such a force at the third level! E Xinghe’s way of cultivation is really very strange. Suddenly E Xinghe said: “Listen, your face is such pale.” Something is wrong?” He asked with care: “Is it possible that you have more injuries? Do you want me to help you in treatment?”

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